“Everything you need to know

and how to DO IT…in 2 hours…”

Just so you know…the book was a Journey of the Truth about the Profession of Acting…and how I

became aware of all the lies…the scams and the TIME WASTING …that will keep you from being a

working Actor…The book is designed to simply tell you “Everything you need to know about Acting

and how to do it in 2 Hours.”  As an Award Winning Actor …and Award Winning Filmmaker I have put

together hundreds of films from my Workshop  to

allow you to not only read …but see the work I have created with my Actors and for you to see the

work you need to do.  So, join me on this historic Journey…when the book comes out by Christmas…

and the special web site of Historic work that you can see what I have done with the Actors that I

have helped.